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AEC AI Innovation Workshops

Mehdi hosts and facilitates one-, two-or three-day workshops, both in-person and virtually. In these individual or team workshops, you learn more about how to leverage data and AI in your projects and business.

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AI Foundation Workshop

What is AI really? It may sound simple, but there is a great deal of conflicting and misleading information out there – not to mention confusing information! In this workshop, you’ll learn what AI is and how to use data to add value to your business. You will also learn about AI systems and their biases, limitations, and use cases in your business.

AI for your Business Workshop

If you want to run your first AI project or find out how to execute your AI projects efficiently, this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to find potential AI use cases for your business and then plan and execute your AI projects like a champion! This workshop provides your team members with the knowledge they need and empowers you to execute your AI projects successfully.

AI Strategy Workshop

If you want to start your AI journey or build on your expertise having completed several AI projects, this workshop is ideal. It focuses on providing you with the skills to be strategic about your data and AI investment. In this workshop, you learn how to connect your business and AI strategies to bring tremendous value and at least a 5X return on investment to your company

AI for Executives

AI for AEC Executives Workshop

This workshop is suitable for busy AEC executives and ideal if you are seeking to differentiate yourself from others by utilizing AI and making data-driven decisions for your business. In this one-to-one workshop, you will learn all you need to know about data and AI in a short time. You will brainstorm with Nourbakhsh on how AI can help you achieve your business goals such as those pertaining to growth, increase in value, or market penetration. This workshop is fully customizable based on what your needs are and where you are in your AI journey.